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Gyro Australia brings the world's best real-time, high speed, continuous, true north seeking gyroscopic surveying technology to the Australian mining industry. We understand the importance of having the most precise directional survey of every drill hole to accurately define, plot and map in-situ ore bodies.

Gyro Australia’s Keeper Rate Gyro System is capable of providing definitive directional surveys in all inclinations (up hole, down hole and vertical) that are more accurate, more versatile and faster than other slimline gyro systems.

Gyro Australia works to the highest safety standards. We supply experienced, highly-trained Directional Surveyors, with backup support teams and equipment, to deliver professional service to every contract.

Why the Keeper Gyro
  • 1
    True North Seeking:

    Independent hole collar azimuth pickup up.

    No pre-calibration or tool alignment required.

    Not magnetically effected: BIF / Metalliferous hosting

  • 2
    High Speed:

    Directional surveying on-the-fly > 50 meters per minute.

    700 meter hole being spatially surveyed within 1 hour of rig downtime.

  • 3
    Real Time:

    Live at the rig, real-time data output at surface.

    Not a memory tool / no post processing required.

  • 4

    Actual Hole Curvature surveyed not individual survey points

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